Over 1000 Hazardous Objects from Bering Island Sent for Recycling
01 Dec — 2020
Over 1000 Hazardous Objects from Bering Island Sent for Recycling

On November 30, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the first batch of hazardous waste was handed over for recycling.  In total, the villagers of Nikolskoye handed over to the collection points organized by the CINBR reserve: 40 used tires, more than 20 spent cartridges and more than 1000 used batteries and accumulators

 This is a historic moment, because the organization of separate collection of waste ot the protected Commander Islands in the context of the current Territorial Waste Management Scheme in the Kamchatka Krai can serve as a working model for other protected areas.

In the near future, the waste will be sent for recycling in Artyem city in Primorsky Krai, as there are still no licensed enterprises in Kamchatka that meet all environmental standards.

Инфографика об утилизации первой партии собранных на острове Беринга опасных отходов

 The administration of the CINBR signed a cooperation agreement with EcoStar Technology  on the collection, transportation, processing, utulization, neutralizing and disposal of hazard classes I-IV waste within the framework of the Green Commander Islands project. The signed agreement makes it possible to export spent gas-discharge lamps, engine oils, various containers for toxic substances, electrical equipment, expired medicines, waste paper, etc. from the Commander Islands - more than 2,000 items from construction to partly municipal waste. Already this will significantly free some space on the waste land.

Подготовка шин к погрузке на судно

Preparing tires for loading on a ship. On Bering Island, 40 less tires will be burned, which means the air will remain cleaner and people will be healthier. It has been proven that when in contact with fire, harmful substances are released from tires, including dioxins, heavy metals and the deadly phosgene gas. Photo - Evgeny Mamaev

 In the next phase of the program, the nature reserve plan to focus on fuel barrels, which are a big problem for the island. We also work on the issue of supplying organic household chemicals, safe for the environment, as an alternative to synthetic detergents.  The products will be available in stores that support the Green Commander Islands program. In which, by the way, the villagers can still use a cloth bag instead of a plastic bag, or choose a paper one.

Сортировка отработанных батареек в визит-центре заповедника "Командорский"

1000 dead batteries and heavy metals contained in them - lead, cadmium and mercury - will not poison the environment and our body. Photo: press service of the reserve

“We understand that it is impossible to live without generating waste, but we can and must dispose of it responsibly: to recycle what can be recycled and used in a new capacity. This is how we save all the resources of the planet, which means healthy water, air and other ecosystem services that we ourselves use right now - these are very applied things, not something abstract or a PR event. Therefore, it is important to act together," - said the acting director of the reserve Evgeny Mamaev.

Призы стимулирующей программы

An incentive program has been developed for local residents. By handing over waste for recycling, you can collect Green Stamps, which must subsequently be exchanged for prizes with meaning equivalent to their number. Photo: press service of the reserve

The administration of the reserve is sincerely grateful to the Kamchatka Maritime Agency Transflot LLC, to the director of the Kamchatka division of EcoStar Technology LLC Roman Sergeevich Volynts, to all residents of Nikolskoye village who took part in the delivery of the first part of waste for disposal, helped with their loading on the ship and found words of gratitude for us (for gifts provided by the incentive program, including).

Участники акции "Зелёные Командоры"

Participants of the Green Commander Islands campaign received 276 green stamps, which they have already exchanged for shopping bags, reusable textile containers and containers for food, thermo mugs and a blanket. Photo - press service of the reserve

The CINBR implements a separate collection program at the expense of extra-budgetary funds, including the sale of souvenirs and excursion programs for tourists. The nature reserve will cover the costs of transporting the waste to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and for the services of the recycling company.








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