Marine Wonders Territory Appears in Kislovodsk
17 Jul — 2019
Marine Wonders Territory Appears in Kislovodsk


On July 15 Narzan Gallery in Kislovodsk housed a photo-show with pictures of the Commander Islands protected animals. The presentation took place in the visitor center of Kislovodsk National Park. 50 children from Smena City Recreation Center took part in the event.

The event was organized in the framework of Protected Friendship project and by invitation of Kislovodsk National Park. The photo show contains pictures of wild animals together with their description from the Commander Islands ABC-book. The book shares the first steps of getting acquainted with nature of the islands.

“The conference hall for 50 people was full,” said Svetlana Glinkina, who represented the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve on the event. “The young visitors attended the presentation about the Commander Islands and marine mammals. Watched a documentary about grey whales and sand cartoons about northern right whales, sea otters and tufted puffins made by Olga Suchkova”.


The guests on the presentation of the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve activity

The children also took part in visual experiment. They learned the way toothed and baleen whales feed, played with jigsaw-puzzles, guessed the animals by their shadows and received some souvenirs.

презентация 2

The children take part in the experiment

When the presentation was over, employees of Kislovodsk National Park and the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve invited the guests to Narzan gallery to see the photos of Marine Wonders Territory exposition and answered the questions.

The photos will be accessible until August 16, 2019 in Narzan gallery, which is an architectural monument of Kislovodsk and one of the most favorite places of tourists and local people.

The Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve would like to thank the team of Kislovodsk National Park, who took part in the organization of the event. Special thanks to Victoria Uferova and Ludmila Feneva for their ideas and participation on every stage of the presentation.

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Заповедная Россия English