Moscow, Kaliningrad and Nikolskoye. Educational Events about Marine Mammals of the Nature Reserve
26 Feb — 2020
Moscow, Kaliningrad and Nikolskoye. Educational Events about Marine Mammals of the Nature Reserve

In February, on the Day of Marine Mammal Protection, the nature reserve held a series of educational events in Russian cities, familiarizing their locals and guests with the nature of the Commander Islands.

Kaliningrad hosted exhibition “To the protected coasts of Kamchatka”, Moscow - a lecture on the inhabitants of the coast and the water area of the archipelago, and Nikolskoye organized special classes in Eco Guest Room and in local kindergarten.

In addition, the Commander Islands Nature Reserve took part in the Fairy-Tale Kamchatka 2020 exhibition-fair in Petropavlovsk, where guests learned about the reserve’s touristic programs.

On February 19-21, our specialists Anastasia Barsukova and Tatyana Postelny worked at Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean, where the exhibition “To the protected coasts of Kamchatka” opened these days. This is a project designed to show the biodiversity and beauty of nature of two Kamchatka nature reserves - the Commander Islands and Kronotsky.


Excursion to the photo exhibition To the Protected Shores of Kamchatka

Museum visitors attended the grand opening of the photo exhibition, informative master classes and excursions, telling about the reserved inhabitants of Kamchatka and the Commander Islands.

On February 22, the reserve took part in Seal Day in the Curonian Spit National Park, Kaliningrad Region. At the festival, an exhibition of photographs of the natural wealth of the Commander Islands was launched, including images of the pinnipeds of the archipelago: sea lions, northern fur seals and anturs.

Мормлеки 2

At a master class introducing the marine inhabitants of the Commander Islands archipelago

We organized a tour of the photo exhibition, a lecture on Commander Islands marine mammals, and a film screening about the gray whale, which can be found in the water area of the reserve for the guests of the holiday.

On the same day, but already at the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, Muscovites and guests of the capital attended a lecture by Svetlana Artemyeva, head of the museum’s biology lecture hall. They received a story about the life of the inhabitants of the coast and the water area of the reserved archipelago, and a magnets manufacture master class depicting the animals for a younger audience.

Мормлеки 3

Guests of the Day of the Protection of Marine Mammals at the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University

Traditionally, environmental and nature protection dates are celebrated in the Eco Guest Room of the reserve. On February 19 and 22, Oksana Solovanyuk, an environmental education specialist, conducted awareness-raising classes for the students of Nikolskoye kindergarten and the school on the importance of preserving the biodiversity of the World Ocean and populations of marine mammals.

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At Eco Guest Room's classes, children learn more about  the biodiversity of the islands in a playful way.

From February 21 to 23, the Fairy-Tale Kamchatka exhibition-fair was held in Petropavlovsk, dedicated to the traditional life of the indigenous peoples of the North and the nature of the Kamchatka Krai.

Мормлеки 6

Master class on drawing animals from the specialist of the reserve Anna Strokan

The stand of the reserve worked here, where you could learn about the tourist programs of the Commander Islands Nature Reserve. In addition, a master class for children with a story about animals of the Commander Islands was held on the opening day.

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