Kamchatka Invited to Join School of Conservationists
20 Nov — 2020
Kamchatka Invited to Join School of Conservationists



Inhabitants of Nikolskoye village are invited to the first training session of the School of Conservationists.

The objectives of the project are to train a personnel for nature conservation organizations on Kamchatka, strengthen the protection of natural areas, increase the level of ecological culture of the population, and involve the public in solving environmental problems. The program is being implemented by the government and the Association of Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Kamchatka Territory. The curator of the project is the head of the region Vladimir Solodov.

“The School of Conservationists is a unique project that was born out of the very acute problem we face - lack of people to protect nature parks. Unfortunately, the number of inspectors and material support are very scarce. In order to ensure real protection of natural resources and access to them, it is necessary to include in this process the widest possible circle of people, especially those who are not indifferent, love and appreciate nature. This is exactly what the project School of Conservationists is aimed at. We will teach interested people about the basics of environmental protection: volunteers who may later work as assistants to inspectors, inspectors themselves who can expand their knowledge in the field of nature and improve their professional skills, employees of travel companies and guides who are responsible for the organization and safety of tourist trips and can to perform important functions to promote knowledge about nature, its preservation, the need to strictly observe the existing restrictions and protect Kamchatka", - noted Vladimir Solodov.

The long-term School of Conservationists will project work in three areas: training guides working in protected areas, improving the skills of protected areas protection service personnel, training eco-volunteers.

The pilot training session "Volunteer" starts on November 28. This year, residents of Kamchatka, whose life is closely connected with protected areas, are invited to participate in it. The volunteer curriculum is divided into three blocks: environmental, informational and local history and socio-economics. Classes will be held remotely. To participate, you need a computer or phone with a stable Internet connection.

Волонтёр Анастасия Рванцова на занятиях с детьми в экогостинной заповедника


Volunteer Anastasia Rvantsova in the Eco Guestroom of the CINBR

Future eco-volunteers will get acquainted with the protected system of Russia, the historical and natural features of the Kamchatka specially protected natural areas, understand how they can apply their skills and knowledge in nature conservation, learn about the role of specially protected natural areas in the sustainable development of the region. Also, together with the teachers, students will develop projects for solving urgent environmental problems.

Those who successfully complete the training will receive memorable prizes and priority in selection if they apply for volunteer vacancies in Kronotsky and Commander Islands reserves or Volcanoes of Kamchatka nature park. Also, graduates of the program will be able to study at the School of Conservationists in the direction of "guides" or "state inspectors of specially protected natural areas", that is, they will be able to acquire a new profession. The selection of participants in the volunteer shift is held on a competitive basis - the candidates should fill out and send  an application form  by November 25. For more information, call +79086460007 or e-mail filippova@kronoki.ru. Details in  regulations on the competition  .

You may rememeber that during a working visit to Kamchatka in the summer 2020, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev supported the idea of the project.  Governor of Kamchatsky Krai Vladimir Solodov intends to implement this project together with the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.



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