Start of Bering Island Arctic Fox Research

06 Mar — 2017

March is a very busy month on the Commander Islands. We make seasonal counts of the wintering anseriformes, which will leave for nesting in April. In month and a half nesting seabirds will come back and arctic foxes on Bering Island will establish new homes for breeding. To avoid troubling them in such a difficult period the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve started the research of Bering Island population – concentrated in the Northern part of the island – on March 6, 2017, so that the research will be finished till the end of March, before the breeding period.   

Alexander Shiyenok, PhD (Biology), Senior Research Officer of the Commander Islands Reserve and Researcher of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University,…

Заповедная Россия English

Заповедная Россия English