Summer with the Commander Islands Reserve

10 Aug — 2017

In Nikolskoye village on Bering Island every year a children summer camp is organized by the local school. The Commander Islands Reserve takes active part in the creation of happy leisure time for children. In 2017 the camp started on July 3 and continued for 21 days. The Commander islands Reserve gave six educational lessons and organized a trip around Bering Island on our tracked cross-country vehicle. One of the lessons took place on Severo-Zapadnoye rookery of marine mammals and other two lessons were held by the researchers of the reserve. 

The participation of the Commander Islands Reserve in the school camp of Nikolskoye village in 2017 started with arranging a big trip around Bering Island. The reserve gave GPS-navigators…

Заповедная Россия English

Заповедная Россия English