Team of the Commander Islands Reserve Developed a Model to Predict Bering Island and Medny Island Arctic Fox Population Numbers

16 May — 2019

After separating from the main population tens of thousands years ago Medny and Bering Island arctic fox subspecies inhabited the islands long before humans. Scientists believe they are the key element of local ecosystems. Arctic foxes are the real aboriginals of the islands. The islands were discovered by humans in 1741 and harvesting activity began. It changes the lives of the animals. The research team of the reserve tried to understand how the population changed throughout the period from discovery of the islands till today and to see the future.

That is why the scientists developed a mathematic model, which processes the data of yearly counts.

The model was developed by IT specialist and PhD in Technology Anastasia…

Заповедная Россия English

Заповедная Россия English