Ornithological Survey on Medny Island: First Results

28 Aug — 2017

In the beginning of June 2017 the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve organized an expedition to make the first in the recent 25 years ornithological examination of Medny Island. During two and a half months Dmitry Pilipenko, our Ornithologist and Researcher, and Inspector Vitaly Ushakov stayed on the island. Dmitry Pilipenko told us about their successes and difficulties they faced. 

The ornithological expedition to Medny Island had a lot of tasks and nearly all of them were fulfilled. 

The main goal was to make a cadastral survey of seabirds colonies (monitoring and counts) together with comparison of their location and density today and in the 90s. It was Ornithologist Yuri Artyuhin, who collected the…

Заповедная Россия English

Заповедная Россия English