Toshka Befriended Solovushka
21 Dec — 2017
Toshka Befriended Solovushka

Shadow show, conversations and even exercises – everything was included in the classes invented and organized by Solovushka kindergarten in Kursk Region. These classes were consecrated to the Commander Islands Nature and Biosphere Reserve and the animals of the islands. 

Dear nursery teachers, school teachers and parents, we would like to tell you about a wonderful example of cooperation between the Commander Islands Reserve and specialists of the kindergarten, such as Yulia Sergeyevna Durneva and Tatiana Mikhailovna Yarmolyuk. The project goals were to interest children in life of the Commander Islands inhabitants, to form creative and educational willingness to know more about nature and to create a positive attitude towards protected natural areas along with the goals to tell children about peculiarities of local fauna, to attract children’s attention to critically endangered species, to make their vocabulary larger with use of special words such as names of animals and plants, poems and tales about the theme of the project.

This educational and creative research project gathered children from the senior group, parents and teachers. 

This unique journey around the Commander Islands took the participants several days. The first day started with a thematical exercise called Farther Goes the Ship. Later the children watched a film about the reserve and discussed the dangers for the animals and the ocean itself during a walk. In the afternoon they discovered a book called Toshka’s Adventures, played marine table-top games and colored whales. 

The second day of the project began with Joyful Sea Otter exercise with masks depicting the animal’s face and continued with lots of information on sea otters’ life and game called Hello, Sea Otter, My Name Is… with games and clip art in the evening. 

The hero of the third day became the humpback whale, the reindeer – of the fourth day, the arctic fox – of the fifth. The sixth day was about the Red Data Book of the Commander Islands Reserve followed by a shadow show prepared by the parents and based on Evgeny Mamayev’s book About Toshka, a Baby Sea Lion.

After the classes paintings and other works of the children were exhibited in three parts: The Inhabitants of the Reserve, Sea Otter’s Paws and Baby Whale.

The organizers of the event used a lot of reference book, cards and materials from our web-site. 

It is important, that the families took part in all the stages of the project: there was a special consultation for parents called What De We Know About the Commander Islands Reserve, everyone had a booklet about marine mammals and mothers of the senior group children created the shadow show. 

Tatiana Yarmolyuk told us about the results of the project:

“Every child participated in the project. Children were eager to listen to stories about the animals and asked additional questions. Their word stock has grown larger. And children really like to play research center. 

They share their impressions, knowledge and experience with their parents, friends and invite others to play as scientists. This cooperation led to interest and positive attitude among parents towards ecological education of their children.” 

Recently, we found out that the project took part in Kursk Education Development Institute contest and was chosen to be the second best out of 73 participants! 

It would be great to see such beacons of ecological education appear in different parts of the country and abroad. If you wish to join, please, send your application to and we will be happy to send you all the necessary booklets, books and to help with advice. Your project will be covered on the web-site of the Commander Islands Reserve and in our social networks. 

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